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Can They Really Replace All Your Teeth in a Day?

Cutting Through the Hype Short answer: Yes Long answer: BUT . . . there are some things you need to know. The procedure is proven, but it’s not simple, and it’s not cheap. The teeth require regular maintenance; failure of the supporting implants is always a possibility. So here’s how it goes: If your upper […]

The Waterpick

Cleaning in Between the Teeth The Waterpick device is simply a tank, attached to a pump, attached to a thin tubing, that squirts water from a fine plastic tip. They’ve been around for over fifty years and they are still a very good option for cleaning in between the teeth. You aim the tip between […]

Nearly Painless Novocaine!

Throughout my dental career, I have hoped to see several inventions Wouldn’t it be great to have a needleless needle, or novocaine that didn’t cause numbness? They still doesn’t exist in 2015, but the “Wand” Anesthetic device comes VERY close. Even though this technology has been around for several years, dentists have been slow to […]

Kids Dental Issues that I Have Seen

Worried about your kid’s teeth? Join the club! Dr. Rick Liftig of West Hartford, CT summarizes a few common dental problems that drive parents crazy.

Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt After a Root Canal?

Are you asking yourself “Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt After a Root Canal”? If so, I am sorry to hear you’re having this problem! This does happen and there are many reasons why your tooth could hurt after a root canal. If you just had the root canal finished or it is in process, […]

Nothing hurts in my Mouth: How can I have problems?

Great Question. Our mouths are pretty amazing when it comes to chronic pain. There’s a lot of accommodation that goes on. For example, if a tooth hurts to chew on, you will artfully avoid it; If a tooth is highly sensitive to cold, you will probably tend towards warmer beverages. If a tooth is throbbing, […]

Why Did My Crowns Get Black Lines?

Face it: A crown, cap, veneer or a filling is an artificial material. We can certainly make improvements in your smile, but in so many ways, we cannot improve the original equipment. And a crown that looks great on day one, may not look as good ten years out. Here’s more about the problem. There […]

My Favorite Dental Products

  The bottom line on oral care products is that most of them are adequate or better. Some are ineffective, and they tend to disappear from the marketplace when they don’t sell very well.   Most of the claims that you see on dental products are a result of creative marketing or biased research. The […]

What is a Good Dentist?

Does a good dentist have the fanciest office; the highest fees; the latest technology? What should you look for when you choose a new dentist?

Teeth, Gums, Germs and Your Health (Part 1)

I’ve read that my gum health can influence my general health. Plus, I’ve just read an article that mouth bacteria can cause heart disease – is this true?     The short answer is “definitely and maybe”. It takes many years of experiments and observations to “prove” a new medical philosophy, but all signs point […]