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Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt After a Root Canal?

Are you asking yourself “Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt After a Root Canal”? If so, I am sorry to hear you’re having this problem! This does happen and there are many reasons why your tooth could hurt after a root canal. If you just had the root canal finished or it is in process, […]

My Favorite Dental Products

  The bottom line on oral care products is that most of them are adequate or better. Some are ineffective and they tend to disappear from the marketplace when they don’t sell very well.   Most of the claims that you see on dental products are a result of creative marketing or biased research. The […]

What is a Good Dentist?

Does a good dentist have the fanciest office; the highest fees; the latest technology? What should you look for when you choose a new dentist?

Foods can hurt your teeth

What Foods are Good for My Teeth? What Foods are Bad?

Many of the problems I see in dental practice are directly related to what my patients eat. Like any material, teeth will break when enough force is placed upon them. If they are filled or decayed, it will take less force to break them. This article will give you some ideas as to what may be breaking your teeth and steps to take to modfiy your diet.

Why do I get charged for an exam?

Personally, I’d like to give one fee… that’s it, “here’s the visit, here’s the fee”. But, the insurance companies…

Why are x-rays necessary?

Without x-rays, you cannot see decay in between the teeth, screen for abscesses (infections), evaluate…