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My Canker Sores Hurt! What Can I Do About Them?

Canker sores are referred to in the trade as “recurrent apthous ulcers” (RAU).  “Apthae” is a fancy Latin term that mans small little ulcers. So when you translate the fancy medical name into everyday English, it means recurrent little ulcers x2!!!! For some folks, canker sores are truly that annoying! Cankers are different than cold […]

Foods can hurt your teeth

What Foods are Good for My Teeth? What Foods are Bad?

Many of the problems I see in dental practice are directly related to what my patients eat. Like any material, teeth will break when enough force is placed upon them. If they are filled or decayed, it will take less force to break them. This article will give you some ideas as to what may be breaking your teeth and steps to take to modfiy your diet.

Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

Whiter, Brighter, Fresher – Which Toothpaste, Doc? Synopsis: Buy a name brand containing fluoride. It should be ADA (American Dental Association approved) Get the plain vanilla version. If you try a new toothpaste and your mouth starts feeling irritated, for heaven’s sake, stop using it! Secret #1 – the FDA classifies toothpastes as cosmetics unless […]

My Mouth is Dry All the Time

If there is no moisture in your mouth, you are at high risk to develop dental problems. I get very upset when I hear this complaint from my patients because I know that there is trouble ahead. As we A-G-E, things get drier. Medications are a big cause of this. Add to the list of […]

Whitening Teeth – Not as simple as a TV ad makes it.

The biggest cause of yellow teeth is lack of contrast: Huh? What’s that? If you are a Caucasian with pale, pink skin (the perfect example is a redhead), your teeth will look yellow because there is no contrast. If you are African American with the same color teeth, your teeth will look much whiter. And […]