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How do I find a new dentist?

Finding a new dentist …

is sort of like a blind date. You don’t know what you’re getting until you open the door. So how do you choose a new dentist?

If you think that you should go to a doc with a cute radio or tv spot, consider that 1-800 -Dentist charges $10-15,000 per year. Radio and television coverage comes with similar numbers (how much did they have to pay for that little jingle?). Are you getting my drift here? Someone has to pay for this overhead and it helps if a lot of new patients are coming in.

Similarly, if the dental office looks like a Taj Mahal, then I would suggest that you consider how much it takes to build the Taj. This doesn’t mean this is a bad dentist, but it may mean that the priorities of that office will be financially based. And this may give you the answer to a previous question, “Why did this doctor feel that I needed so much work done?

If you ever go to a dental office and feel intimidated, get a second opinion – dental treatment is expensive and usually irreversible. Your gut feeling may be more accurate than you know.

Bottom line – ask someone you know who is highly networked: the soccer or pto parent, the community leader, the person in your office with the nice teeth. Get a recommendation and opinion from a real live person and not an advertising jingle!

– Dr. Rick Liftig


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