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What about silver (mercury) fillings? - West Hartford Dentist: Dr. Rick Liftig
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What about silver (mercury) fillings?

I still have silver fillings in my own mouth and my wife’s. Silver fillings still have a place in dentistry, although I use white fillings about ten times more frequently. Silver fillings routinely last for 15 years and more (often 30), the same cannot be said for white fillings.

Modern white fillings are pretty darn good. They tend to cause less sensitivity and they look great. The original controversy was based on terrible research. In 1990, a researcher placed silver fillings in pregnant sheep and observed mercury levels in their excrement. He missed one very big point – sheep are like cows, they constantly chew their cud. Within 30 days, most of the fillings had been worn away and swallowed! Talk about a poorly designed study!

Honestly, you are more at risk driving on Route 84.

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