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What’s more important: Brushing or Flossing?

*Ding!* – The answer is flossing.

Don’t miss the point here- the point is thoroughness and time. Clean your teeth like a hygienist! Did you notice that it takes the dentist or hygienist 30-40 minutes to properly clean your teeth? Floss at least once a day, then brush for 1.5 minutes in the morning (also, after lunch) and night.

If you are only going to floss a few times a week, consider purchasing some floss aids at the drugstore. There are a slew of different manufacturers. My favorites are the GUM Soft-piks and the Glide products. Then, remember to get between all of the teeth, not just the front ones.

There is some incredible medical research being generated that show a prime entryway of harmful bacteria into your body is through the mouth. I’ll post more about this in the future.

– Dr. Rick Liftig


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