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What you can Expect at Your First Visit:
Folks are pretty surprised at how thorough the first visit in my office can be.

If you have been in contact with us, you’ve received a stack of fine print forms and are probably wondering what the heck I need all of this information for in order to treat your teeth.

It is becoming very clear that the health of your teeth and gums is closely related to the health of your body. In my office, I have seen evidence of Crohn’s Disease, diabetes, bleeding disorders, cancers, reflux and alcoholism before it had ever been diagnosed by an MD.

Not only will I examine your teeth, but I will check for signs of periodontal (bone disease), oral cancer and jaw dysfunction. Medications often cause side effects that show up in the mouth and they will be reviewed.

Providing me with a thorough medical and dental history will ensure that I will treat you as a whole person and not just teeth separate from the rest of your body.

If you have recent x-rays (and charting) from a previous dentist, it would be great if you could obtain this for us in advance. It is possible that I will recommend a full set of x-rays. These are essential because as it has been said in medical circles, “You can’t find something if you are not looking for it”. And certain cases will require photographs and models of your teeth.

Expect the first visit at the office to take at least an hour. I’ll talk a lot and ask a lot of questions. Most likely, I’ll give you a guided tour of your mouth with an intra-oral camera. It’s my firm belief that if you see something, you can understand it.

If there is time at the first visit, your teeth will be cleaned. Then we can discuss various treatment options that will fit your concerns and budget. We offer financing plans through CareCredit.

Once again, I look forward to meeting you. I understand how difficult it can be to see a new dentist (and the prospect of having ten fingers plus two instruments in your mouth at the same time aren’t too much fun to think about either), but I’ll treat you with the utmost care and do my best to explain what I am doing and answer any questions you may have.