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Restorative Treatment

Fixing teeth – that’s a big part of my practice.


Usually this means dental fillings and sometimes it means dental crowns (caps). When you damage a tooth because you have bitten on something too hard, ate sweets a little too often or developed a liking for acidic drinks/foods, you may need “restorative treatment.”

A lot has changed in the field and a lot hasn’t. We still need to use a drill – the laser can’t do half of what a drill can. You can still expect to need novocaine, too. But, white fillings are pretty much standard these days and the process of restoring your teeth should be fairly painless.

It’s possible for everyone to have a perfect smile today. We can cover your heavily filled teeth with protective white crowns and your front teeth with attractive veneers. It’s not painless and it’s not inexpensive, but you probably knew that already.

We’ll get you through this – honest.

I don’t have perfect teeth either (I still have a wicked sweet tooth) and as a result have pretty much gotten to try all of our dental treatments first hand. I lived through it and you can too!


– Dr. Rick Liftig, West Hartford